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Induction and Nomination Process

Nomination Process

Yearly nominations for Hall of Fame membership will be accepted and a total of 3 will be considered for induction, including the selection of one team, one coach and one other, except for the first year 2022 in which 25 inductees will be selected.  Nominations for each year will be accepted by 11:59 PM, June 1, with the announcement of new inductees made on September 1.

  • Any nominees who are not selected, will automatically be considered for the next year, along with new nominations, after which they must be re-nominated if not selected.

  • Nominations received after June 1 will be considered for the following year.

  • An individual may not nominate himself or herself.

  • Nominations must contain an explanation for consideration.

Requirements for Nomination

Inductees may be nominated by:

The Selection Committee

  • Current or former faculty, administration, or staff
  • An alumni
  • An alumni’s parent(s) or children
Nomination Form
    1. All entries must be submitted on the Wattsburg-Seneca School Sports Hall of Fame nomination form. Nomination forms must be filled out accurately and completely for consideration.

    2. The nomination form shall be completed and submitted to the Selection Committee Chairperson by 11:59 PM, June 1 for the candidate to be considered for induction in that school year. All nominations received must contain current address and contact information of the nominee (or family, if deceased).

    3. In addition to the official nomination form, the following materials should be submitted for an individual’s or team’s consideration.

      • Recommendation from the person making the nomination on the Nomination Form and/or other letters of support from appropriate individuals who can validate or substantiate information related to the high school career and other contributions of the nominee.

      • A photograph suitable for reproduction emailed in JPG format.

      • Other supporting materials including newspaper articles, certificates, historical records, letters, film footage etc. which can be e-mailed to the committee.

Term of Nomination

 Following the initial nomination, a candidate shall remain eligible for induction for the following year, if not selected. The Selection Committee Chair will keep the nomination forms and information on file. After one year a person may be re-nominated.

Procedures for Selecting the Inductees

The Selection Committee will meet annually anytime in June after the 1st, either in person or electronically, to select candidates based on the criteria. The Committee Chair will be appointed by the Hall of Fame committee and will serve a two-year term with new appointment or renewal of the member established in each odd year. The Committee shall consist of at least 6 members plus the Committee Chair.  Membership will also include the current Wattsburg-Seneca Athletic Director. Booster Club members, alumni and/or former Wattsburg-Seneca coaches are eligible to be on the committee. Individuals interested in serving on the Committee are encouraged  to contact the Committee Chair in writing, and will be voted on, by majority count by the committee within 30 days of request. The duties and responsibilities of the Hall of Fame Selection Committee shall be as follows.

  • Attend the regular scheduled selection meetings in person or electronically. Annually evaluate the nominations of individuals submitted who fulfill the requirements for consideration.

  • Approve only those individuals who had significant and/or long-term contributions to athletic accomplishments at Wattsburg-Seneca School.

  • Evaluate and update the policies and operational procedures of the Wattsburg-Seneca School Sports Hall of Fame on an annual basis.

  • Validate and approve all worthy candidates for induction.

  • Keep all actions of the Selection Committee confidential.


The voting procedures of the Hall of Fame Selection Committee shall be as follows:

  • The Committee shall review candidates based on information available at time of the meeting.

  • After open discussion about candidates, a vote will be conducted for the purpose of choosing inductees. Current living inductees will have the option to vote.

  • The inductees are determined by an affirmative vote of at least a majority of voting members with a tie breaking vote submitted by the Committee Chair.

  • The Committee Chair may participate fully in the discussion, but does not vote, unless needed to break a tie and will count the votes.

  • The annual voting of the Selection Committee will be confidential.

  • Inductees will be announced on September 1 of that year following the final selection process and after the individuals or their families have been contacted and indicated that they or their family will fill out the Inductee paperwork.  Inductees or their family must provide an electronic photograph of the inductee.